Do I Need A REALTORĀ® If I Buy New Construction?

Dated: April 5 2023

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So you're buying a brand-spankin' new house, huh? No need for a realtor, right? WRONG! Here are a few reasons why you still need a realtor even when you're buying new construction:

  1. They can help you negotiate: Just because it's new construction doesn't mean the price is set in stone. A skilled realtor can help you negotiate with the builder to get the best deal possible. REMEMBER: The agents at the new home home sites work for - you guessed it - the BUILDER! Make sure you have someone with your best interests on your team.

  2. They know what's included: The builder's spec sheet may look like it includes everything you need, but there could be hidden costs or missing features. Your realtor can help you navigate the fine print and make sure you're getting everything you need.

  3. They can help you customize: Want to add an extra bathroom or switch out some finishes? Your realtor can help you communicate with the builder and make sure your dream home becomes a reality.

  4. They can be your advocate: If there are any issues or delays with the construction, your realtor can be your advocate and make sure everything is resolved to your satisfaction.

  5. They can help with financing: Even if you're paying cash, a realtor can still help you navigate the financing process and make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

  6. They can provide valuable advice: Your realtor has probably seen it all when it comes to new construction, and they can offer valuable advice on everything from selecting the right lot to choosing the right upgrades.

  7. They can save you time and hassle: Let's face it, buying a new house can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Your realtor can take on some of the burden and help make the process smoother and more efficient.

So, there you have it. Even when you're buying new construction, a realtor can be your best friend. Don't go it alone - enlist the help of a skilled professional and make your home-buying experience a success!

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